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We are a full-service general contractor offering the FINEST construction services available.

Established in 1979, this firm was created upon the three-tiered goal of providing structures that are...





The firm has built projects ranging from three hundred thousand dollars up to six million dollars in contract volume. This building portfolio range is arrayed with city halls, schools, office complexes, banks, and developments throughout the state of Utah.

The firm is composed of a President, project managers, and a pre-construction team; including estimating and marketing departments; superintendents, and field crews. With over two hundred years of collective commercial construction experience, the firm comes well equipped with all the resources needed to make the building process both pleasing and effective for the end users.

Brubaker Construction, Inc. has developed a tight web of alliances, which provides endless resources to the company in making the construction of quality buildings both innovative and unique in functionality. These alliances include the best architect firms, engineering firms, subcontractors, and developers.

Brubaker Construction, Inc. in the future will apply the same three-tiered goal of providing structures that are cost effective, on schedule, and of the highest standard of quality for clients and end users. With this goal, the firm will continue to strengthen resources in order to better serve the mountain west.

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